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How To Get Invoices Prepared Quickly To Make More Money

It is natural to leave your most important activity - Invoicing - until last while you attend to everyone else's needs. It's easy to get caught up in the details of running a business and forget to make money yourself. If this sounds familiar then Invoicing System will make sure that YOU get paid. Imagine a steady flow of invoices going out and a steady flow of checks coming in every day.

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Invoicing System picks up all your LABOR from a database, organizes it by client, and formats it onto invoices. It sends invoices out the printer in batches. Then It records who has paid and when. Your Accounts Receivable Report (that you can delegate to an employee) gives you complete visibility as to who hasn't paid. Slow invoicing and ineffective collection results in poor cash flow. It is the number one reason most businesses fail. Invoicing System banishes that problem forever by providing a simple and effective cash generating machine. This is how YOU get paid!

Invoicing System pays for itself the first time you use it. It creates cash flow. It allows you to handle 50 invoices (created from scratch) in a few minutes. This frees you to spend more time making money. Is there any more effective use of a computer than creating income? Invoicing System will produce dozens of invoices in less time and with less effort than it takes you to do one now.

Are you leaving money in accounts receivable? Are you leaving work unbilled too long Invoicing System is what are you waiting for! Click the 30 Day Free Trial tab to start invoicing faster and collecting better.